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Opening Day at Del Mar - summer meet

10 Race Card today at Del Mar Thoroughbred Club! $100k Oceanside Stakes in Race 8  

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Belmont Results - 7/16/17

Belmont Daily Double Double handicapping horse racing NYRA Saratoga Superfecta Trifecta winning

Last Day @ Belmont! A good day for RxBets with winners in 8 of 11 races. Five Exactas - average of $95/win, Two TRIs - average $350/win, Two SPRs - average $1,479/win. Also four DBLs and two PK3s - average of $87/win. Now we move on to Saratoga!

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Delaware - 7/15/17

Delaware Park Doubles Pick 3 Pk3

RxBets.com has the #1, #2 and #3 finishers in exact order for the Delaware Handicap! In addition to having winners in 10 of 11 races.  With 8 Doubles and six Pk3's throughout the day.

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Belmont Results - 7/15/17

Belmont - horse racing tips NYRA winning picks

RxBets.com had a good day at Belmont with winners in 8 of 11 races!  Seven of the eight winning races had Exactas. Six Doubles hit, aling with four Pk3's and a Pk4. Total payouts over $2,800    

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