RxBets.com – Every Horse Every Race

Means you're never "scratched" out of a wager.  

RxBets.com provides horse racing handicapping selections for major race tracks worldwide. Our proprietary system allows us to provide you with daily selections for wagering on major race cards.

RxFigure - Our rating system analytically reviews data on every horse, trainer and a variety of other data points and determines the probability of success against the other runners in the race.  We then rank the runners in the "Rx Finish Order". 

We are the only handicapping system to rank every horse in every race.  You are sure to ask "What does that mean to me?" - NO scratched runners. On any given racing day, there are sure to be scratches. When your #1, #2 and #3 picks - by chance happen to be scratched, you simply move down the "Rx Finish Order" order to the next available runner.

RxBets.com - Daily Selection Reports are available in Adobe PDF format for instant download.

Access them instantly on your computer, phone or tablet for viewing or printing!