Reminder - Why we handicap and rate every horse, in every race!

Reminder - Why we handicap and rate every horse, in every race!

The distinct advantage of Daily Selection Reports is that we rate every horse with our proprietary "Rx Figure" and order them with the "Rx Finish Order".

From time to time, after the race cards are put out, scratches happen.  Weather, trainer or vets can lead to scratches at any time prior to a race.  If you only have one or two best bet tips, you might not have a horse to wager on.

With you have all of the horses in a race rated with the "Rx Figure" and ranked with the "Rx Finish Order", so when the Rx#1 or Rx#2 horse is scratched, you can just move down the list to the next "Rx Finish Order" selection to Rx3, Rx4, etc.

Below are two examples from recent races at Del Mar, where Rx#1 and Rx#2 Finishers were scratched.  By moving down to the next selections, winning wagers paid off for our clients.

Example 1 - From Del Mar on 8/6/2017 the Rx#1 Finisher MICRORITHMS was scratched prior to the race.  Using Rx#2 and Rx#3 Finishers - an Exacta came out with GUTSY RULER(Rx#2) and BOTTLE ROCKET(Rx#3) for $53.80.

Example 2 - From Del Mar on 8/6/2017 the Rx#2 Finisher CARIBOU CLUB was scratched. Using Rx#1, Rx#3 and Rx#4, winning Exacta and Trifecta wagers came out. SHARP SAMURAI (Rx#1) won, FASHION BUSINESS (Rx#2) placed and COLINIST (Rx#3) show.  An Exacta of $35.20 and Trifecta of $163.40.

So when scratches happen, Daily Selection Reports have you covered. - Every Horse Every Race - Every Horse Every Race

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